Fredac’s management team understands the reality of entrepreneurs who want to sell their business and seeks to offer the best possible return to the transferor (owner) in a transaction. Integrity, respect, and transparency are the values at the center of our approach. In addition, the Fredac team ensures the development and long-term influence of the companies it acquires, by promoting an innovative management approach and a global vision for each project.

Our experienced and versatile team understands the operational and financial challenges faced by today’s entrepreneurs. When we acquire companies, we provide active support and operational expertise in the manufacturing sector that makes a difference, as well as injecting capital for long-term development. We want the companies we acquire to develop a competitive advantage and increase their profitability.

We work closely with existing management teams to assess strengths and weaknesses, and implement successful new business models. We explore industry consolidation options that can help develop their technologies, optimize their operations and increase their market shares.


Our approach to developing business potential.


Look for opportunities with great potential

We are on the lookout for interesting investment opportunities, to quickly assess the potential and see if an offer is possible.

Analyze the company

Once an opportunity is found, we analyze the company in details to get a clear understanding of the situation and discuss with the owner.

Engage the discussions

If the analysis is positive, we are committed to providing a response within 5 business days, whether our answer is positive or negative. Following a positive response, we promise to submit a letter of intent (LOI) within 10 days of a positive response.

Evaluate the business for sale

As corporate buyers and investors, we want to obtain a valuation of the target company in order to negotiate the terms of the takeover transaction with the transferor. If the project is important, we mandate an audit firm to conduct a full acquisition audit.

Plan a business recovery

After making a complete assessment of the target company and concluding that this transaction could be a good opportunity, we work on developing the company’s recovery plan, in collaboration with the relinquishing owner. The legal structure of the takeover operation follows and the operational recovery plan details the strategy we want to implement by buying the company.

Negotiate business transfer

Several negotiation sessions can take place before and during the development of the business transfer (recovery) plan.

Conclude the sale and prepare for the transition

When the letter of agreement (LOA) has been drafted and approved, the conditions precedent lifted (obtaining financing in particular) and the agreed date of sale set, the steps related to the sale are carried out: signing of the sale, completion of formalities, release of funds and payment of the price, entry into office, etc.

We attach a great deal of importance to the transition phase, which is usually planned between the buyer and the transferor so that the change is smooth and the new entrepreneur has time to integrate and understand his functions, as well as the workings of the company.

Frederic Chabanne, Louis Roy, Frederic Albert
Robert Thibault, Frederic Albert
Fred Albert, Michel Morin, Fred Chabanne

The strength of our team lies in its ability to analyze and make quick decisions to respond to offers in a short time.


SMB’s in the manufacturing sector with 25 to 100 employees, with annual sales of 5 to 25 million and established in Quebec.

Industries targeted:

– Manufacturing production

– Industrial products

– Consumer products

– Type of investment desired: majority position 50% + 1 minimum with full takeover within a maximum of 5 years.

– Strong preference for companies generating positive cash flow and sustainable profitability

General criteria:

– Strong potential for growth and market consolidation

– Companies with a unique or competitive advantage in terms of technology, positioning or business model


M. Frédéric Albert
President and Senior Associate

After an impressive career in the pharmaceutical and retail sectors (Telus Mobility, Alberto Culver and JAMP Pharma), Frédéric joined Fibrobec Industries, where he is currently the Chairman and majority shareholder. Recognized as an accomplished administrator, Frédéric has developed several business models over the last twenty years. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from UQAM and has contributed to the founding of the Churchill Clinic, on learning disabilities and language, and the Florida real estate complex Dack Properties (WeRentParadise.com)

Me Sébastien Leblond
Lawyer and Company Director

Sebastien is a passionate and seminal entrepreneur.

He is a business lawyer specializing in strategic legal outsourcing and alternative business modeling.

He is the Co-Founder & Global COO of RainMKRS Capital Investment LLC, with offices in Montreal and Abu Dhabi (UAE), Shareholder of WIIDII inc., Co-Founder at Purple Capital Group and he is a business consultant at DSL LLP. He was formerly co-founder and board member at Anderson Sinclair PC, sold in 2020.

Since 2007, Sébastien engineers innovative businesses and operating models in the legal, technology, lender & financial services, and supply chain management industries. By doing so, he helps creating investment opportunities for investors looking for direct investment in seminally creative ventures. His true talent is to connect visions, generating assets and key people to ensure optimized value creation.

Sebastien travels the world to meet fintech and legal entrepreneurs, scholars & academics, and investors in his quest to better understand the art of value creation, especially in this era of digital revolution dominated by the emergence of artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, data science and IoT.

Sébastien is a EO Alumni. He supports entrepreneurship and arts through personal involvement and donations.

Pierre Cloutier
Business Accounting

As an accountant, Pierre is currently a controller for several companies and he oversees the proper functioning of all accounting and financial activities at Fibrobec Industries. He holds a BBA from HEC Montréal in accounting and is a CPA-CMA member. He has more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing, including more than 20 years at Fibrobec.

Étienne Bouchard
Management and Administration of Commercial Activities

Étienne is General Manager of Fibrobec Industries since 2017 and is responsible for all of the company’s activities in Canada and the United States. He has a B.A.A. in marketing from HEC Montréal and fifteen years of experience in business development in the telecommunications industry. He brings a strategic vision to the company and specializes in setting up processes and implementing good practices.

Frédéric Chabanne
Manufacturing Operations Management

Frédéric is currently vice-president of production and shareholder of Fibrobec Industries, where he also sits on the board of directors. He excels in the reengineering of manufacturing processes and the optimization of the production chain. Before joining Fibrobec in 2011, he worked at NORTEL and partnered with several small and medium-sized businesses of the last decade.