Fibrobec, the largest manufacturer of fiberglass pickup truck covers for commercial and recreational purposes in Canada, announced the appointment of Frédéric Albert as President and CEO. After joining the company in July 2011 and having spent two years as Vice President of Sales, Mr. Albert took has taken over for Robert Thibault, the founding president.

Recognized as an accomplished manager, Frédéric has a vast experience in the pharmaceutical sector. “With my partner, Frédéric Chabanne we have created ourselves a great mission: showcasing the company’s quality products and excellent service in all markets.” Mr. Albert pays particular attention to the customer service and makes no compromises when it comes to the quality of Fibrobec products.

After more than 40 years at the head of Fibrobec Robert Thibault leaves the presidency to focus on developing new projects. With his visionary thinking, he chose to let new associates in the business, to ensure the sustainability of the already well-established business in Quebec. “Frédéric Albert and Frederic Chabanne are an outstanding pair of leaders. The experience of these two young entrepreneurs will be profitable to both Fibrobec and its customers,” says Thibault, who is proud to provide a quality succession for the company he built.

Prior to joining the large Fibrobec family, Frederic developed within Telus Mobility and Alberto Culver before going to Jamp Pharma where he held a senior management position for nine years. He lives in Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, holds a BA in Finance from UQAM and also owns the Clinique Churchill and Dack Properties:

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